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All About Car Windshield Repair


As the form of technology used in making automobiles safer for the past several years has improved, it has also increased the cost of changing your car's windshield. Just think of the available features for cars similar to auto braking, lane departure warning, automatic windshield wipers, heads up display, automatic defog and a lot of other things. All these features however have got something in common and it's the fact that they're all relying on sensors mounted to your car's windshield.


To give you an example, the lane departure normally has small triangular shaped attachment right at the top of your car's windshield that holds the camera. The camera is sending the view of the road to its computer box that's function is to monitor the way the car drives in lane. The automatic wipers on the other hand have rain sensors that are often mounted near the car when there's moisture on the windshield and triggers a response from wipers. It can start the wipers automatically or it might adjust the delay time or speed depending on the car you have, options installed and settings. Of course, the automatic defog is also using a condensation sensor mounted on the windshield in order to track the presence of condensation of glass and automatically turn on the defrost when needed. . Know more about windshield at


Apart from that, your car can be equipped as well with acoustic dampening layer in its windshield in order to reduce road and wind noise while inside the cabin. It can also be installed with a heated wiper park area for those icy mornings and who knows other things that may be installed in the windshield.


Well, the point here is, when there's a small nick in your windshield, there's so much more expense that might be at stake compared to older models. As for the newer cars marketed today, the act of changing or doing car Windscreen replacement may be enough to cost car owners thousands of dollars. Whether you like it or not or how careful you are when driving, you'll inevitably get small chip or nick in windshield.


Simply, there is no way that you can avoid hitting a small stone that flies towards you. And even if you do see it in time and had the time to respond, odds are good that there's going to be other cars on road to avoid as well. But let's say that all is said and done, you have to get your car windshield repaired before that small crack or chip grows and becomes a serious problem to Windshield Repair that can cost you thousands of bucks.